To Kim K, on her birthday

Today is Kim Kardashian’s birthday. A lot of people probably don’t care, but I do.


Kim is a woman whose body has been sexualized and demonized, degraded, an object of media scrutiny and abuse. Yet she has grown and matured, and has reclaimed her body in a beautiful and empowering way. She is artistic, elegant, and tastefully tongue-in-cheek. Her humorously self-aware approach at life is refreshing.

Kim is living proof that a woman isn’t defined by one identity — she’s a mother and a wife, but also a sexual being, a model, a business woman. She is neatly running a multi-millionaire dollar empire. She is the overlooked, underrated #GIRLBOSS.

And to return to her being a mother — Kim defies the idea that mother’s have to act and look a certain way. I think she sets a unique example for her children in that she takes pride in who she is and how she looks. She expresses self-confidence and self-love. She also often publicly displays deep love, adoration, and protection for her family. It is a connection that cannot be ignored.


It’s important for me to recognize that Kim Kardashian is problematic. She has been known to appropriate a myriad of cultures. She is extremely privileged, so she’s had the opportunity to leave her infamous sex tape behind her. But Kim also makes an effort to educate herself and stay well-informed on important divisive topics. She has spoken out on the Black Lives Matter movement, and has endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. This demonstrates progress and understanding, which I believe the Kardashians will continue to grow and blossom into.

She is adored by few, disliked by many, but I find her endlessly fascinating. She has inspired me to take ownership of my body, to challenge others perception of me, to overshare, love fiercely, put family first, and to never take life too seriously.

You can find a million ways to fight me on my love for Kim Kardashian, but I will always view her as a QUEEN. Happy birthday, Kim K! I love you!