About Me

Just as I start anything where I’m trying to sound formal yet youthful, I’ll begin with:

Hi! My name is Bizzy and I’m really weird and feel sorry for people who have to interact with me, because I am socially crippled. I love ice cream, French bulldogs, Ariana Grande, and long, emotional cries in the silence of the night. I write sporadically for a few random publications, and am currently studying journalism. If you start a conversation with me thinking I’m a friendly girl, you’ll lose interest at approximately 45 seconds in because I’ll have already mentioned One Direction at least twice. If I put my mind to it, I could probably eat an entire deep dish pizza by myself. I also am famous at my yoga studio because I go there so much. I live vicariously through funny Twitter accounts and have yet to do anything remotely remarkable with my life. I am still embarrassed by stuff I did in first grade.

Thanks for reading!


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