Meeting Jon Snow and Ygritte (AKA, The First Time I Cried on the Streets of Manhattan)

The most life-changing event in my entire life occurred less than an hour ago and I still don’t feel I have the words to accurately describe how I feel or how I’m comprehending this moment, but I’m going to try my best to articulate what has just happened. I’m shaken to my core and finding it hard to even speak.

I just met Jon Snow and Ygritte from “Game of Thrones”.

After getting off the subway at Astor Place, me and my gal Giovanna decided to go to Weinstein, a dining court off Washington Square Park, for a late lunch. We’re walking up Broadway and see the Fresh & Co (which I walk past every day) and start talking about how we’ve always wanted to try it and make plans to go tomorrow afternoon.


As we walk down Mercer, I look in the window and am immediately struck with chest pains. There, sitting in the window counter, is Kit Harington and Rose Leslie. I knew immediately. It was like a dagger to the heart.

I grabbed Gi’s arm and said, “I need to go.” Later, she will go on to tell me that she thought I either: A) Saw someone I didn’t like and needed to avoid or B) Was having a medical emergency.

We go into Fresh & Co and it is literally the most normal thing in the world. It’s basically a healthy-fast-food place that is cute, total Jon Snow territory. I start ordering a kale salad because I don’t know how to properly process my emotions and feel I need time to sort myself out before making a game plan. This was the most tense moment of my life.

I buy the kale salad (which, at $7, was actually a kind of good price for fucking KALE) and just know if I don’t say anything, I will be filled with dread, regret, anxiety, and just plain ol Joffrey feels for the rest of my life.

I very quietly walked up, let the literally flawless Rose Leslie finish her sentence, and went (as much as I can remember because I was pretty much blacking out from the shock), “I’m so sorry to bother you guys, but I just wanted to say, I’m a huge fan, I’m obsessed with the show (I then turned to Kit), I have your poster in my dorm, and I just love you guys and what you do.”

(This is the poster that hangs on my wall, I cry to it every night)

UGH THEN THEY THANKED ME AND SAID I WAS SWEET AND I WANTED TO DIE INSIDE. I then thanked them for being so perfect, walked outside, sat down on the sidewalk and cried. I couldn’t even speak for a full 5 minutes. GoT is my favorite show, and Jon and Ygritte are my favorite characters, so to say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement. I’ve never been so starstruck in my life.

I didn’t ask for a picture because, to be honest, they were laying low, and you could definitely tell. They both had on hats and were talking very quietly and casually. There are no juicy TMZ details — they weren’t cuddling or kissing or anything, but they weren’t sitting in silence. I really hope they’re dating again because they look great together and because JON + YGRITTE 4EVER.

They’re both IMMACULATE. Kit’s hair and beard are just as life-changing as one would assume. I’m so glad I (kind of) played it cool and was able to tell them how much I love Game of Thrones, and in an appropriate way. It’s so nice and meaningful to meet actors who are humble and gracious, and who don’t mind too much being approached! They didn’t make me feel dumb or anything. It was definitely the most surreal moment of my life, I’ve never experienced anything like it, and I hope everyone has a chance to meet people they luv this much.


2 thoughts on “Meeting Jon Snow and Ygritte (AKA, The First Time I Cried on the Streets of Manhattan)

  1. I literally love game of thrones with all of my heart! I don’t know what I would do if I ever met kit, I would probably fall on the floor and die tbh! Anyway great post! (i found your blog from twitter)

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