Spring is for Suckers

Normally, I am willing to trash spring any chance I get. The way it bridges winter and summer is so disgusting. This is primarily due to the fact that I’m  a devout lover of winter. I like the cold weather! It’s bitter as a bitch but at least you can wear cute outfits. Being pale when the sun is shining and the climate is warm is unfair.

This spring has been really great so far! What an unexpected twist in my hateful life. It’s probably because I’m a high school senior, but there have been so many exciting things happening that spring is just flying by. I love it. I want it to be like this always. Plus, winter was so long this year — can I get a praying-hands emoji?! Here are some pictures, videos, friends and articles that I’ve been loving a whole lot this spring:

Is Frank Sinatra not the hottest retro man you’ve ever seen? I feel a deep spiritual connection to that Oscar.

Prom was this weekend! We were the last ones there and so we had the entire dance floor to ourselves during “Get Lucky” and it was one of the most teenager-y things I’ve ever experienced.

I’m seeing The 1975 this weekend — their song, Robbers, is effortlessly cool and the music video is hauntingly amazing and uncomfortably strange.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a million times — please watch True Detective. 

PostSecret is such a great, great website. Above and below are some of the gems I’ve found over the past few weeks.

Attention world: FREAKS AND GEEKS is on Netflix! Why are you even on my blog? Why aren’t you watching it right now? I’ll understand if you close out of this to go watch it. It made me the angsty 90s teen I am today.

This was written about me

I still believe in paradise but now at least I know its not some place you can look for. Because its not where you go, its how you feel for a moment in your life when you’re a part of something. And if you find that moment, it lasts forever.” – The Beach

Please, Lord, let me be as biting and beautiful as Julia Louis-Dreyfus is on Veep. Also, let me fructose someone to death.

There is so much I like about these outtakes from the This Is The End marketing campaign.

“I loved the whole film and was engaged every moment of the way. But what I want to talk about is the first section, the Gosling section; I want to make love to this section.”

It’s only fair that I throw some NYU pics in:


My most favorite people from my most favorite class taught by my most favorite teacher, not too shabby.

As young girls, the women in our lives made it look really fun to be a grown-up lady. And you know what? It totally is. But a few things that once appeared impossibly glamorous are actually a real drag.”

After seeing the incomparable Chris O’Dowd absolutely smash it in Of Mice and Men on Broadway, I was craving more of his work. Thanks to Hulu (and a new Hulu Plus subscription), I quickly binge-watched his quirky sleeper hit Moone Boy. I love it.

Speaking of Of Mice and Men, I’ve unabashedly relapsed in my James Franco addiction. Enjoy this article I wrote for Huff Post Teen about my illness.

Only 39 days until graduation.


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