October should be better than this

Fall is a great time. I’ve consistently considered it one of my favorite seasons, and always look forward to going football games and drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes and eating caramel apples and doing various other autumnal activities.

But this year just…sucks. There is nothing! Football games make me seriously consider drinking Tide and letting death come slowly. Coffee makes me sick, so the PSL is out. Caramel apples are just too messy and annoying. And before anyone starts preaching to me that I could go to haunted houses or do other “Halloween-oriented” things, save your breath — I’m scared of EVERYTHING and I’m nearly 18, so trick-or-treating is a big NO.

It could be all the looming college stress that is turning me into a real, walking, human-size version of Grumpy Cat, or it could be the crippling Senioritis that is plaguing me (at a completely inappropriate time, considering I still have no idea where I’m going to school). I think I’m very “done” with the whole idea of high school and the unfortunate social hierarchy that unavoidably screws everyone up emotionally. It could be due to the fact that a new One Direction CD is coming out, and I’m anxious about whatever they’re doing (aside note: it sucks enough to be worried about your own life constantly, and to add the pressure of worrying about 5 other individuals who in no way reciprocate this concern is TIRING).

Life is freaking me out. It’s weird to be old and have to make these decisions, especially since I thought I would just go to the same college Tia and Tamera went to on Sister, Sister (UMichigan, for the idiots who didn’t watch Sister, Sister). Realizing you have to find a school with a “perfect fit” that matches your GPA and ACT score and resume is painful. But all of my applications are in, and I’m still eating too much Chipotle, and I’m still spending my Saturday nights alone, watching DATELINE: What Would You Do? on YouTube, so I guess I’m coping.

I’ve really tried to turn to positive things in my life that make me happy, because I’m pissed off way too much. These things include, but are not limited to:


8tracks is a homework essential — this playlist is especially great.







EXCLUSIVE: Taylor Swift leaves a photoshoot in New York City




This gets me amped up and ready to face a day tear-free (or at least a minimum of 10 minutes of tears)


Other notable things to check out include:

“AM” by the Arctic Monkeys, “Pure Heroine” by Lorde, and the self-titled 1975 album.

The Mindy Project — extremely underrated, hilarious and smart show.

– The 2013 remake of Carrie — Not a huge scare, but Ansel Elgort is charming and New York and perfect. He’s worth the $183982489 it costs to see a movie.

Zac Posen‘s spring 2014 collection — there are too many good looks to attach here. Same goes for Elie Saab.

– I’m so late on this one, but upworthy.com has made my Facebook feed so much better. Like them for neat, philanthropic (and sometimes philosophic) stuff.

– Making a Christmas List — it’s NEVER too early to start putting together things you want.

– Snapchat stories — it’s this new stalking device that is equal parts informative and infuriating. I DON’T WANT TO LOOK AT YOUR PICTURE FOR 20 SECONDS, BUT OKAY.

I’m trying to get better at this whole “blogging” concept, so hopefully this was a more entertaining and stimulating post than the normal ranting I usually do. My life has taken a lot of weird and unexpected turns this year, but it’s comforting to know that I still get heart palpitations from Zayn Malik’s tattoos.

If you’re a kind-hearted kid and would like to comment, that would be great. If you’re angsty and would like to read and sulk in silence, then that’s cool too.


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