Help! My knowledge of celebrities has somehow caused my peers to think of me as unintelligent!

One of the most frequent adjectives I use to describe myself is “dumb”. And that’s because I spent $70 on Deborah Lippmann nail polish, or forgot to record The Carrie Diaries, or because I wore the same boots 4 days in a row.

Do I actually think I’m dumb? Occasionally. But that’s if I make an addition error on a math test, or skip a question on a quiz. I don’t actually think I’m stupid. Sure, my GPA’s been knocked down a peg or two since freshman year, but hasn’t everyones? Oh, no, just me? Okay well bye.

Seriously though, I’m pretty smart! I did well on the ACT, I’ve been on honor roll every year, I can form sentences, and I’m great at arguing. I’m humble bragging all over the place right now. Let’s stop.

This is where I’m confused – if I can identify who designed Mila Kunis’s 2010 Academy Awards gown, why am I suddenly stupid? If I can list 5 Leonardo DiCaprio movies, why am I considered lame? If I’ve proven through various test scores and report cards that I do well in school, why does knowing some trivial facts about stars make me inferior?

It’s a frequent critique and it really isn’t funny or cool anymore. Sure, maybe the information I retain is useless. It’s true that it may never help me in life. But what does knowing sports statistics do in the long run? How does that help anyone?

So you want to be a sports analyst. Great! All that knowledge on sports is going to help you a ton. It’s the same deal for me. As an aspiring ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST, knowing a lot about stars gives me something of a leg-up. I know how to write fashion reports and blogs on celebrities because I’ve read so much of the journalism I hope to one day contribute to.

Likewise, isn’t it unfair to judge anyone based on their likes, or hobbies, or passions? Haven’t we all been taught that that’s rude and unnecessary? I feel that my peers are a little too involved in what I care about, and what anyone else cares about. Why are we in this era where people are so nosy? It’s because technology has given us this freedom to share our personal feelings, and their being misconstrued and pulled out of context, and we’re unable to defend ourselves because it’s on the internet, and there’s no deleting what’s already been out there. I’m turing into a “Moms-Against-The-Internet” PSA. Help me!

I guess this entire blog is just a rant about how I feel a little ostracized while roaming the halls of GBW, basically because 85% of my fellow students only know the smallest fraction about me, yet make a lot of snap judgments. This isn’t even applicable to just me. A lot of teens feel exactly the same way I do. There are thousands of kids, hoping to make it big in entertainment journalism, obsessing over the latest James Franco movie, or the most recent gossip on the Harry-Taylor one minute romance. Yet, these students probably feel the same way I do – put down by other students who assume that they are unintelligent because they aren’t necessarily big fans of CNN, or MSNBC, or ESPN, or whatever the F else pretentious kids watch. I’M SORRY I’M NOT PRETENTIOUS AND THAT I READ PEOPLE MAGAZINE! I’m also sorry that I just associated all kids who watch CNN, MSNBC, etc. with pretentiousness. I’m committing the crimes I’m speaking out against! This is the vicious cycle of the 21st century!

In conclusion, I should’ve been born in a different time.


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