Why am I scared of Spring Breakers?

I would say a good chunk of my love for celebrities is dedicated to Selena Gomez. Probably, like, a raw 12% (and since I love so many celebrities, that’s a big percentage).

Raised as a Disney kid, I was always (and still am) the weird girl who was a little too obsessed with reverent teen stars who were way too coy about who they were dating and usually ended up with a luke-warm singing career. I’m a root-for-the-underdog kind of girl, and it’s so obvious that anyone on Disney Channel is the underdog in Hollywood — they try to get “mature” and it just gets weird (see: Miley Cyrus). Or, they try to take a couple steps back and star in a television show for kids that makes them look like huge assholes (see: Jonas Brothers).

Selena Gomez is the exception to the rule. She’s still kind of digging her way out of the Disney trenches, but the world loves her so much that we don’t really care what she does next. We just want more of her. She’s hip, she’s sweet, she’s down-to-earth, and she managed to make it out of a relationship with Justin Bieber with the upper-hand. The latter alone makes her my role model.

But now comes Spring Breakers. It’s an indie flick, directed by Harmony Korine, and it stars James Franco as a corn-rowed, grilled-out drug lord (Aside note: what’s up with this guy? He has 10 million jobs and while I love him, I’m starting to wonder if I respect him?). Alongside Franco, we have two of the sweetest little Disney girls that ever were: Vanessa Hudgens, who famously played Gabriella in High School Musical, and none other than Selena.

Four girls rob a bank so they can have the “best spring break ever” in Florida. When I associate that with Selena Gomez, I picture a Sandra Bullock, “Miss Congeniality”-type rom-com in which it’s all a big misunderstanding and it’s cute and funny.


I watched the trailer and this movie scares the shit out of me. It’s not like I have this huge problem that ex-Disney stars are boozing and wearing bikinis and riding Vespas down the streets of Miami — isn’t that just what college kids do on spring break? That’s just realism. What makes me feel uncomfortable is the guns, the violent bank-robbing scene, James Franco firing off a machine gun and Selena Gomez snorting cocaine. I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ALL OF THAT.

I understand that this is a hard-R type of movie, but at the same time, I feel like getting to the level of “mature actress” for a Disney starlet should be taken in baby steps, and Selena is diving right in. It just feels like too much of a jump, especially since most of her fans are still young.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to tell young actresses what they can and cannot do. I’m actually one of those people that get annoyed when actors play too much into their fan base and get type-cast. I’m not saying that Selena Gomez should go make some more animated films and kiddy-movies and wade in those waters a little longer. I support her decision to step out and do things at a different level. I just don’t know if this was the right place to start.

“Why are you not commenting on Vanessa Hudgens?” Because I just kind of associate her with being an asshole for not marrying Zac Efron when she had the chance.

In reference to the title of this blog, the trailer for Spring Breakers does kind of freak me out. I JUST DON’T LIKE THE VIOLENCE AND COCAINE, OKAY?! Also, the one moment when Selena tearfully admits she “has a really, really bad feeling about this” is completely synonymous with my thoughts on the entire ordeal. ROBBING A BANK AND SHOOTING OFF MACHINE GUNS WITH JAMES FRANCO IS SUCH A BAD IDEA! I’m very much reminded of The Basketball Diaries, where a young Leonardo DiCaprio begged his mother for money so he could buy more drugs. It’s so gritty that you’re just kind of like, “Yeah I’m scared”.

But, like most movies, I’ll give Spring Breakers a chance. Until then, I’m a terrified shaking chihuahua¬†afraid of everything.

I’m going to be 17 in 2 weeks.


3 thoughts on “Why am I scared of Spring Breakers?

  1. I agree with you bizzyems and i also I love Selena Gomez very much and I care about her a lot and I feel a lot better now but I’m still a bit upset about Selena gomez smoking in springbreakers and behaving badly and I wish she was never in springbreakers and behaving badly and i wish she didn’t have to smoke in her films but I am still getting springbreakers on DVD and watching behaving badly and im a bit upset about her doing some bad ass roles but I am excited at watching the getaway but I really hope she will never smoke or go in films like springbreakers or behaving badly ever again and I hope she will do some nicer roles and I still miss wowp and I miss her as Alex russo and i love her so much and I care about her a lot and I will always support her and Im really sorry for crying and getting upset and I hope you understand bizzyems love alex xxxx Selenator forever

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