Justin Bieber is Confusing

As of late, I am dealing with the affliction known to many as “Bieber Fever”. I’ve always been a big fan of Justin Bieber – I pretty regularly like to note that I bought his first single, “One Time”, on iTunes a mere 10 days after it was first released. It is incredibly nerdy that I know this, and it is even more embarrassing that I “pretty regularly like to note” that I bought it so promptly. I have been a “Belieber” since the proverbial beginning, even dating back to his “Youtube” days.

I had been desperately waiting for ticket prices to go down for Justin’s tour stop in Chicago for months, but to no avail. Upon explaining to my parents that I would be “heartbroken” if not in attendance, they (eventually) gave in and bought me a ticket (which I’m on a payment plan for paying back…I’m a broke, yet devoted Belieber). Yesterday, I was able to fully absorb the Biebs – this was also my first concert alone.

Before I continue, it’s important to note that I DON’T CARE THAT I WENT TO THIS CONCERT ALONE. Doing things alone is SO fun! I love it! I go to the movies alone, I go driving alone, I go to Whole Foods alone, I go to yoga alone. I do so much stuff on my own! It’s a great way to think and reflect on what might happen next season on Breaking Bad. But, in all honesty, I wasn’t really all that upset about going to the Justin Bieber concert alone. My love of Justin safely surpasses any reservations I would have about going to his concert.

Anyways, I don’t want to go into detail, but I was astonished. I knew I would probably go into sensory overload, but that wasn’t even it – it wasn’t a sensory overload, but a Bieber-love overload. I could practically feel my oxytocin levels rising. His presence alone brought me to actual tears. I was floored.

But there are so many points of confusion when first falling for the Biebs. I thought I’d pose my main questions in this forum which no one will read.

1) “Does Justin feel, as an 18 year old boy, that the stuff he’s doing is too kiddy?”

This is kind of complicated, due to lack of perspective. But, as I watched Justin sing and dance on stage, within his first song, I instantly thought, “He’s just an actual person doing this. He’s a real life person, he’s a real life teenager like me and this is just what he does”. Does he ever feel like it’s just kind of…stupid? I don’t know. Look at regular 18 year old boys and make the comparison. He would be in college now. He would be living such a different life. Yet at the same time, he doesn’t really have much exposure to that lifestyle, so maybe it isn’t something he really considers. On a side note, I pretty much daily ask myself this question about One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson, but that’s for an entirely different post.

2) “Why do people hate him so much?”

What is there to hate? He can be cocky at times, I guess, but wouldn’t anyone in his position be? Isn’t it okay to be a little cocky sometimes? I’m usually pretty conceited when I do something really mundane yet slightly above average. Imagine how it feels to be nominated for a Grammy. Likewise, if it’s an issue on the hair, that score has been settled, and if it’s an issue on the voice, that’s also been taken care of. Listen to Believe! It’s a mature CD! At least that’s what Justin/his team/record execs. will tell you…

3) “How?”

How does he look so good all the time.

There could be a million more questions to fully capture the enigma that is Justin Bieber. But until then, I’m hopelessly in love, and will probably need counseling at some point to cure this disease (although I’m not sure I want it to go away).


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